I honestly feel that she caters to all our needs and wants. When I first met her I felt very at ease, she is down to earth, very easy to talk to and incredibly knowledgeable about the area. You can tell she has a genuine passion for real estate and wants to find us the best fit , which is exciting  to feel like you have somebody on your side. We were worried about the low amount we could afford, especially here in the Bay Area, people speak about not getting offers excepted, it was really worrying us, but she was great at explaining our options and re-assuring us and that we WILL find our dream home that we are looking for! So glad to have found her!!

Chris and Terry, Berkeley 


In Oakland’s tight housing market, Olivia makes me feel at home shopping while shopping in an intense market. She is always helpful and available whenever I need her, and always prompt to follow up with my questions. It’s been easy to schedule time to see a properties and she is usually there before I am. Most of all,  Olivia really knows the market, and had a great sense of intuition about what I wanted to see. I am more than satisfied, and would recommend Olivia to anyone looking to buy a home.

Shay, Oakland


Olivia went above and beyond in helping me get into the right home. Not only did she find us the perfect home, she was able to get it at a huge discount to the original price. If you're looking for someone who goes out of her way to make every step of the process easy, then look no further. Olivia  is the right person for the job; it's clear that she lives and breathes real estate.

Trent, Santa Rosa


Olivia helped us purchase our first home - thank you!!! We love it. :) As two educators, we weren't confident in our chances of finding a home in the Bay Area, but knew we had to at least try. Olivia took on our dream of a home, despite our limited budget, and never once made us feel as if it was  unattainable....even after finding out we were pre-approved for more than $100k LESS than what we initially thought. Olivia was extremely responsive - she called, emailed, texted...whichever mode of communication worked best for us at the time. Listings with our criteria were sent to us daily. When we came across a home we were interested in, Olivia was in touch with the listing agent within hours and we viewed the home within 24 hours. Also very helpful was the convenience of e-signing the offers we submitted. With limited free time, we appreciated being able to review an offer and to sign it online. Overall, a great experience! Olivia helped us get a home in a housing market that is pushing long-time families out of the communities we love. We are truly appreciate her hard work and dedication! 

Adam, Oakland


Olivia was amazing!!! She is prompt, understanding, and kind unlike so many other Real Estate snakes. I can remember more than a few occasions when I would see a house and let her know right away that I wanted to see it. She would always schedule to see it the very next day without any hesitation  and with such enthusiasm. Not once did she ever say anything about our last minute decisions. She is very helpful and really well-informed about all the different areas in Oakland. Overall, Olivia is great and a real pleasure to be around. She really knows her stuff! 

Tim, Emeryville

I decided to go with Olivia after having bad experience with my last real estate agent. She helped me find the perfect home in the East Bay. My experience with her was great. She understands the dynamics of the market. Olivia is adaptable and has plenty of hustle to get a good deal. She put a lot  of time and effort into finding me what I was looking for.

Mia, Oakland


Olivia was super helpful!!! Her guidance in the intense Oakland real estate market is second to none, she helped narrow down my choices and found me the perfect home. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home!

Travis and Katy, Oakland